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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lush Cosmetics

I will let you know right now I LOVE Lush Cosmetics. I love the fact that they stand up for what they believe in, such as their Kiss & Tell to raise awareness on marriage equality that happened recently. I love the fact that some if not most of their products are vegan. Nothing is tested on animals, which is actually more difficult to find in cosmetics than you would believe. You have to be careful on that, because they might not test the final product on animals, but some of the key ingredients will be on some companies that claim to not test on animals. Back to the point, Lush Cosmetics is an all around great find. They offer quality products for a suitable price, with great customer service.

Below is one product that I cannot live without!

Vanishing Cream ~ 1.5oz ~ $37.95

I have a combination skin type, it is sometimes oily, and sometimes dry depending on what time of day and what season. This is a very light non-greasy moisturizer that will not leave your face oily. It smells mainly of witch hazel but you will not notice the scent after a minute of wearing it. It expires after about a year, and honestly you will just finish it up by that time. I am still working on mine that I bought late last year and I am probably half way through it. This is a huge bang for your buck!

Don't know if you will like it? Go into Lush and ask for a SAMPLE! That's right ladies, they give free samples of almost all of their products.

Check back later (a few days) and I will update on more products I love at Lush!

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